The REFINEMENT project is here presented in details through its main Purposes and 9 Work packages.

The REFINEMENT project undertakes a mix of quantitative and qualitative analyses in the 9 European countries covering the principal social welfare and health care-financing models in respect of the issue of mental health in Europe. In order to analyze the different financing and care systems and their correlated outcomes, it is necessary to ensure that researchers, service planners and policy makers in different regions, countries and at the European level, compare ‘like with like’ and adequately use the data from different services systems.

For such a reason, the REFINEMENT project will produce several new tools like: a toolkit for service mapping to cover general health, specialist health and social services; a mental health care financing toolkit to identify, collate and analyze data and information available in disparate and fragmented sources (through a template for the collection of additional data on innovation and methodological development, a protocol and guide for semi-structured interviews with relevant stakeholders, a manual and glossary); and a decision support toolkit to aid decision makers in respect of which health care financing arrangements to achieve difference objectives including equity, efficiency, responsiveness to needs and quality of care.

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